Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Commercial Property Tax Update

Will the 2010 Dallas commercial real estate market overcome its current challenges?

According to the above news article it wont!

The commercial real estate market has many current challenges pushing from all sides. Tenants are hard to come by. Rent is hard to come by. Debt pressures are increasing. And every owner has the burden of real estate taxes (don't pay them and we will see who really owns your property!). Despite these paramount issues many appraisal districts are still increasing taxes.

So just fighting to reduce your property tax assesment at the appraisial district is not enough you need a good case. You have to educate your assessor concerning your occupancy cost ratios for tenants. It appears as though many tenants are at risk of not renewing leases or default due to unsustainable occupancy cost.

In the times ahead occupancy rates wont tell the whole story for commercial properties. Everyone has seen the low holiday sales numbers and headline stories of tenant defaults. This has happen to not just the mom and pop stores but the big boys too remember a store called Circuit City!!!!

Real Estate Taxes due soon!

A little advise for those looking to reduce property tax assesment for 2010 get apprasial now.

January is a great time to get an appraisal of your property to fight your upcoming tax assesment.

Need more commercial property tax advice!

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