Monday, August 20, 2012

New Tenant Representation Shop In the North Dallas Office Market

I am Josiah Ford.
After a long enough wait. I have branched out on my own in Commercial Real Estate. Why have I branched out on my own at 26? Because I see the opportunity to provide something others do not provide. True customer service. We all have had a bad experience somewhere, even recently where we felt as though we were not giving the best service possibile. I can imagine that it left you wondering if you recieved the best product or service possible.

My firm will change that by providing dilgent and effective tenant representation geared toward the tenant in the Plano/Frisco office sub-markets. These two sub-markets show huge growth potential, quality office space and various incentives for the business. I have invested the time and money to get the same real estate market information as the large shops. Therefore, when I come to your office I will be able to provide you with every bit of information available for your business to make the best decision its real estate needs.

If you are ready to get great service contact me at my direct line 214-425-3525

Be sure to frequently visit my blog as I will be frequently updating it with market insights.

Thanks DFW,

Josiah Ford - President
JFI Brokerage

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